Benefits Of Eating Walnuts- Nutrition And Facts

Benefits Of Eating Walnuts- Nutrition And Facts – The walnut fruit is one of the most common nuts available is stores. However, rarely have we ever paid attention to its glorious benefits and effects on our health. This article explains why walnuts are one of the most natural healers in the world.

Walnuts are rich in natural oils, carbohydrates and significant and nurturing proteins, essential for our bodies. Furthermore, they consist of large doses of minerals such as potassium, iron magnesium and loads of vitamin C and B.

The walnut leaves are especially healthy and recommended. You can easily treat disorders like anemia by preparing a walnut leaves and honey tea. The tea can also cure and treat other conditions such as digestive tract disorders and wound healing. By combining green walnut hulls and a little honey, you will get incredibly healthy and beneficial syrup suitable for treating numerous health problems.

Walnuts can also repair damaged hair and here is the recipe: Mix 10 tablespoons of walnut meat together with 1l of alcohol. Seal well in a glass container and store in a warm place for about 15 days. Massage hair follicles and hair roots gently, then rinse and wash hair as usual. 


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